Are you looking for secure crypto storage? Try Gridlock — now beta testing in the UK, US, and Canada!

We’re excited to announce that Gridlock is live for a second round of beta testing on testnet. Following our first round of testing in the US, the team has been working hard to improve all aspects of the platform. And this time, you can try it in Canada and the UK, as well as the United States.

Since the first testnet release, we’ve focused on improving areas including:

  • Streamlining the onboarding process 
  • Optimizing transaction speeds 
  • Making the system even more clear and user friendly

Why try Gridlock?

Try Gridlock on testnet

Gridlock is a decentralized cryptocurrency storage platform that solves the problems crypto owners face using traditional wallets and exchanges. The platform is now live on Testnest and ready for feedback.

With large companies such as Visa integrating with crypto assets, and some countries even accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, it’s clear that cryptocurrency is gaining traction and becoming more mainstream as we move towards a cashless society. Yet, truly secure storage is still elusive. 

Decentralization is at the heart of cryptocurrency. But third-party exchanges act as a central authority and can access and freeze accounts. On the other hand, managing a personal wallet can be time-consuming and confusing — small mistakes can lead to asset loss.

Gridlock offers the best of both worlds. A new solution that empowers users to manage their assets, offering support but encouraging autonomy. Gridlock combines advanced encryption methods with Distributed Key Generation to split private keys across different nodes and ensure the highest levels of security and privacy.

How to get involved on testnet

We’re keen to get user feedback so we can make the final product the best it can be when we launch fully. Testnet is a blockchain network designed for trying out new ideas and technologies without disrupting the main cryptocurrency blockchain. 

You can take a look at how Gridlock’s software works without risking any real assets.

If you’re interested in trying the platform, you can find out more about Gridlock on our website and download the beta version of the app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store (currently only available on iPhone). You can also join us on Discord for all the latest updates!