Gridlock: revolutionary new Ethereum storage platform — officially available on iPhone and Android!

3rd October 2021

Bristol, UK

Looking for a safe way to store Ethereum? Gridlock is a decentralized cryptocurrency storage platform which solves the problems crypto owners face using traditional wallets and exchanges. Following beta testing on Testnet, the full Gridlock app is now available to download on iPhone and Android devices.

Cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, with some countries now accepting Bitcoin as legal tender. While this is great news, it has put crypto storage security in the spotlight — and uncovered cracks. Current options are lacking. Personal wallets can be complicated to navigate, leading to user error. On the other hand, third-party exchanges involve a centralised entity having access to your funds. 

Gridlock offers a new solution that gives crypto owners ultimate security without compromising their autonomy. Advanced encryption and Distributed Key Generation (DKG) technology splits private keys across different nodes, ensuring the highest levels of security and privacy.

A big issue wallets and exchanges face is account recovery if you forget your password. 

However, Gridlock’s unique Guardian system means that asset holders can elect trusted friends and family members to help protect their crypto. While other cryptocurrency wallets require seed phrases to recover an account, you can simply get one of your guardians to verify your identity should you get locked out of your vault. 

This recovery system eliminates the need to remember a long, complicated password which can also act as a point of security failure. 

After two rounds of beta testing, the Mainnet Gridlock app is live! The company has taken on customer feedback to improve all aspects of the user experience — from smoother onboarding to faster transactions. 

Download the Gridlock app

Gridlock supports Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum-based tokens, with plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the near future. So, why not head over to the Gridlock website to download the app? Alternatively, you can find it on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.