Google used to have the slogan ‘Don’t be evil’. Well it seems like when you get too big and too centralised, evil things just happen.

You’re probably curious as to why a fast growing Blockchain startup is concerned with Google. 

Well the truth is: Google Banned Us.

Why did Google Ads ban Gridlock?

Gridlock has been banned from advertising on Google Play, Google ads and YouTube. But why were we banned when crypto related ads are allowed? It wasn’t for promoting a scam, something illegal or even for something that goes against their guidelines. In fact, Google will not give us a clear answer as to why we have been banned. Originally, we were denied because their automated bots thought we were violating their guidelines, but after constant refuting, we have not succeeded.

However bad the ban has been, the poor customer service has been even worse. Being bounced around from call centre to call centre, with no one who has the authority to do anything meaningful, is demoralising to say the least. Don’t even get us started on the constant loop you experience on their developer support. We are certain that Google Ads has still not given our claim a human opinion. Any human can see that Gridlock is reputable.

How is any startup crypto wallet supposed to succeed when Google won’t let them advertise in the most important channel for a mobile app?

What can be done?

We’re already moving to a more decentralized world with currencies and gaming, but is it also time that big tech is disrupted by a more decentralised model that’s fair and without agendas? 

We believe it is. Even though we may be years away from this being a reality due to the scale required to compete with Google, the sooner it happens the better.

If you want to see the app that Google Ads banned, download us here. #unblockgridlock