Learn about the driving force behind our app in this interview between Gridlock founder, Derek Rodriguez, and cybersecurity site, Safety Detectives

Since launching just two weeks ago, the Gridlock app has had some amazing feedback! What’s more, we had the opportunity to organise an interview between Gridlock founder and, Derek Rodriguez, and Safety Detectives, a leading site for cybersecurity. During the interview, they spoke about the ins and outs of Gridlock and what the app can provide to battle ongoing issues in cryptocurrency security.

What was the interview about?

Rodriguez raised glaring issues within the cryptocurrency world and spoke of how Gridlock aims to fix these. Furthermore, he revealed his driving force behind the app. What was it? A loss of what would now be $3 million worth of Bitcoin back in 2013!

They also explained the tech behind Gridlock in an easy manner. For those new to cryptocurrency, Gridlock is the best wallet due to its ease of use; and avid crypto users can find safety for their hard-earned assets.

As more people notice the benefits of Gridlock’s security, the less likely hacks are to occur in the crypto space. With the growth Gridlock is projecting, it is no wonder there is recognition this early in the app’s lifecycle. The picture could not be clearer. Download the app today!

Where can you learn more about Gridlock?

If you’d like to read the full interview between Gridlock and Safety Detectives, you can find it on the Safety Detectives website. You can also discover more about Gridlock’s revolutionary tech, on our documentation pages and enjoy all sorts of crypto knowledge on our blog.