The days of Gridlock only supporting Ethereum are soon to come to an end with the introduction of Solana. But what makes it so promising? From NFTs to miniscule gas fees, Solana will be the most exciting and rewarding feature your Gridlock wallet has so far.

Why Solana?

The use case for Ethereum was the versatility and variety of the Ethereum blockchain; for example, the ease to build on it. This is why there are so many tokens built on Ethereum, also known as ERC-20 tokens. The glaring issue with Ethereum that people find is the often astronomical gas fees to pay for transactions. Because of this, Solana was the obvious next step for Gridlock after introducing ERC-20 tokens.

Solana not only standardises gas fees, it also ensures that the cost paid is not inexplicably high. Furthermore, the ecosystem it supports is believed to rival Ethereum’s. There are hundreds of projects already building on the blockchain and they increase annually.

NFTs on Solana

Arguably, the best part of Solana is the NFT market it supports. This market takes the best parts of NFTs on Ethereum, but has drastically lowers mint prices – not to mention the low gas fees mentioned before. All of these factors have brought the altcoin to new heights of popularity.

As these NFTs gain traction, the risk of loss through hacking increases substantially. This is where Gridlock comes in.

Gridlock’s cryptography

Gridlock provides users with a wallet that is both simple to use and secure. With revolutionary key splitting capabilities and account recovery, you can ensure your crypto is safe. Read more about it here.

After a great first month of release on Ethereum, Gridlock is expanding its cryptography to Solana’s users. They can expect unrivalled privacy, ease of use and security over their assets. To put it simply, Gridlock is the answer to all of the weaknesses of other crypto wallets.

Gridlock and Solana NFTs

Users will not only get the ability to store Solana on their phones, but they can also expect an unbelievable storage and viewing platform for their NFTs. Imagine being at a bar with your friends and pulling your phone out to show off your freshly minted NFT, whether it is 2D or 3D. Now, imagine this being the only place your NFT can be, away from the hands of hackers.

What a cool concept, right? This is a reality and is coming by the 30th November. Oh, and to celebrate, Gridlock is giving away 1000 NFTs for FREE to those who join this waitlist!