Gridlock created a referral scheme so that people can invite their friends to the app and earn some crypto as a thank you. For true legitimacy, the terms state that a user must have some crypto in their Gridlock wallet. But, how can you directly buy Ethereum in the Gridlock app? It turns out it is extremely easy. Here’s how:

How to buy Ethereum on Gridlock:

  1. Click on the wallet tab and then click on ETH.

  1. Click on Receive and then Deposit Funds.
  1. Put the amount of ETH you want to buy.

  1. Click buy ETH.

  1. Choose the seller you want to buy from. 

  1. Fill out your details.
  1. Your ETH will arrive in your account shortly after.

It’s as simple as that! Top up today and ensure your Ethereum is safe. Don’t forget you can easily transfer your existing Ethereum to your Gridlock wallet too.

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